Sessions Candidates' enrollment Unfolding of the contests Candidates' classification; displaying the lists with the results of the contests Contestations Contestation analysis and response Displaying the final results
Session 1 1 March-20 July 21 July/13-15 Candidates' classification and the displaying of the lists with the results of the contest are done within maximum 3 hours from the ending of the contests Contestations are submitted within 24 hours from the announcement of the results The analysis and solving of the contestations are done within maximum 24 hours after the date and time of the end of the period of contestation submission The final results are displayed within 1 hour after the solving of the contestations
Session 2 22 July-27 July 28 July/13-15
Session 3 29 July-07 September 08 Sept. / 13-15
Session 4 09 September-21 September 22 Sept. / 13-15