Fundamental domain Humanities
Undergraduate field of study Applied Modern Languages
Undergraduate program of study Applied Modern Languages - English-Turkish
  Applied Modern Languages - English-French
Form of education Full time BA
Study period 3 years
ECTS credits 180 credits
Number of student places

25 places (English-Turkish)

25 places (English-French)


The mission of Applied Modern Languages Program is to train future specialists in foreign languages, ready to make a contribution in any field of activity involving international or intercultural relations.

AML specialization benefits from the contribution of native speaker teachers of English, French and Turkish.

Students benefit from courses and conferences held by Romanian and foreign professors and specialists recognized at national, European and non-European levels.

A permanent objective of the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Foreign Languages is to train students in scientific research. Students’ research results will be disseminated during scientific sessions or students conferences and workshops.



Applied Modern Languages students will develop essential professional and personal skills, such as:

  • effective communication in at least two foreign languages, in a broad framework of professional and cultural contexts
  • proper application of translation and mediation techniques in general or semi-specialized areas of interest
  • proper application of the general techniques of documentation, search, classification and storage of information, using software (electronic dictionaries, databases), mastery bases-drafting and proofreading texts, using documents editing programs on the computer and documents archiving techniques
  • communication in various institutional contexts (educational institution, economic enterprise, NGOs) and the use of semi-specialized and general knowledge in professional fields of application of the specialization
  • multilingual communication in professional situations of integration, linguistic and cultural mediation and negotiation


Career Prospects

AML graduates will be able to use their skills of translators and interpreters in governmental institutions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Defense, etc.) or in various companies (law or consulting firms, travel agencies, hotels, banks, radio and television, etc). They can opt for careers as journalists, editors, public relations specialists, tourist guides, etc.

One of the most attractive prospects is the career in international institutions or organizations:

  • EU structures (Council of Europe, European Parliament, etc.)
  • NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
  • UN (United Nations)
  • UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization)
  • Embassies