Today, at 11:30 in the Aula Magna, the official festivity of inaugurating  the academic year 2013-2014 unfolded.  The participants included the members of the academic staff, students and members of the university’s management and administrative staff.

The ceremony started with the Romanian national anthem, followed by several speeches held by the representatives of the UESEL management. Mr. Huseyin Padem, president of  Lumina- The University of South-East Europe, expressed his confidence in the university’s potential to become one of the best academic centers in the world. Lumina- The University of South-East Europe offers the best study opportunities, by the facilities it provides, by its focus on the graduates’s professional evolution and the teachers’ qualification

Next, participants watched a movie of presentation of the university, developed especially for first year students, to familiarize them with campus life.

Mr. Ragip Gökçel, University Senate president, reminded the students that everything starts with a dream and this emotion to succeed is something we must cultivate.  The most important goal of our university, believes dl.Ragîp Gökçel is to help students to build their future careers and we can do this through quality education. Also, students were encouraged to participate actively in the decisions of the University Senate, through their elected representatives.

Lumina- The University of South-East Europe is the eleventh school of the Lumina group,  which operates in six cities. During the celebrations, students who have joined our university community could now better know the history and achievements of the Lumina group, through a video.

Mr. Ahmet Dokuyucu, Director of the Office of Student Services, gave students the cornerstones for extracurricular activities and opportunities for involvement in various activities for those who want to develop personally and professionally. From guidance for student clubs to counseling for any problem you encounter, Student Services Office aims to support students in their educational activities.

At the end of the ceremony,  Mr. Filip Stanciu, Rector of Lumina- The University of South-East Europe,  recalled in his speech that Lumina- The University of South-East Europe  assumed from the beginning the goal of becoming a university of reference for the South-Eastern Europe, implementing the European model of university.