On 9 March 2015, the Department of Applied Modern Languages hosted a workshop  held by the well known journalists Irina Păcurariu, Mona Dîrţu, Mihaela Antoche and Iuliana Alexa. The Project entitled ”Media FEM – The National School of Journalism”,  presented in this seminar aims to promote the equality of opportunity and gender within the mass-media community.

The session was opened by Filip Stanciu, Associate Professor and Rector of Lumina- The University of South-East Europe and by professor  Huseyin Padem, president of  Lumina- The University of South-East Europe.

Numerous topics were discussed in relation to the present evolution of the media in Romania and abroad. The students’ and teachers’  active participation maintained a strong interest in the presentations and were a good introduction to the students’ future professions.